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Name:Need, Take, Have
I am blunt. I am opinionated. I can be bitchy. I can be mean. I don't make excuses for who I am.
+ my 4 dogs
+ my mom
+ my other family
- abuse of any kind
- on a bad day, men
- violence
- ignorant, rude people
WOW, way too many to list, so see my interest list.

[info]landofart is a 'land comm' created solely for graphic artists. It doesn't matter if you only make icons, or only picspams, wallpapers, whatever! There are challenges for one and all types if artists! The competition is made up of 3 teams; Team Gothic, Team Pop Art & Team Renaissance. These names are just for the sake of having teams and do NOT reflect the type of graphics you have to make! Plus, you can do any kind of graphics here (celebs, stock, fandom, etc) as long as it fits the challenge. JOIN TODAY!

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